What Is Google RankBrain And Why Does It Matter?


Digital marketers and SEO operators were eagerly looking forward to knowing the impact of RankBrain on SEO since being introduced by Google as an artificial intelligence algorithm to refine the search results.

Google deployed RanksBrain in 2015. The rest is history.

Today, it has become Google’s third most important ranking indicator (ranking factor) after content and links.

RankBrain is a proof of the embracing machine learning (AI) of the Google search algorithm. This actually helps Google gain a better understanding of search queries.

In the process of Google search ranking RankBrain performs two main functions:

  • It keeps understanding of search queries through keywords
  • It assesses people’s conversations and feedback for results as an index of user satisfaction

What is Google RankBrain?

Rankbrain is Google’s core algorithm that uses a machine learning algorithm that uses Google to sort search results. It uses artificial intelligence to find a way to improve search results and interpret new search queries. The main purpose of the search engine is to provide the best results in the shortest possible time. Rankbrain is considered as a new ranking signal. In fact, this is the third most important factor that Google considers when ranking search engines. Post-RankBrain It is believed that the query runs through an interpretation model and displays results based on location and personalization to determine the intent of the searchers.

How does RankBrain work?

Google RankBrain already knows that there are thousands of searches for “Gray Console developed by Nintendo”. As a result, the search for “Gray Console developed by Nintendo” will see results as well as about gaming consoles.

When a searcher wants to know “Gray Console developed by Sony”, then this immediately throws it into the same results as the keyword which is already known by the Nintendo Gray Console. Therefore the results will be the entire spectrum of the console as a product.

RankBrain mainly works on two important factors

Understanding search queries

First Google displays results based on exact match keywords. But post-rankbrain shows search results based on Google’s searcher’s intentions.

Measuring people’s conversations with search results

RankBrain follows an algorithm to measure the conversation of people with search results as shown in the picture below.


RankBrain mainly depends on the following matrix.

Organic Click-through Rate

The higher the click-through rate of a webpage, the more likely a web page is displayed. It’s important to optimize the meta tag to earn high click-through rate for a webpage.

Session duration

The average time to spend on the site should be more to rank page and maintain position in search engine results pages.

Bounce rate

This is one of the important metrics for placing the page high. It should be low and the landing page should be properly customized. Learn how to improve bounce rates and improve rankings.

Pogo sticking

It displays the search results that most users gain engagement and reduces the ranking, which at least receives user engagement. For example, when a search engine searches the query, Google displays results number 1, 2 and 3. The user clicks the search for the result number 1 and is not satisfied with it and turns from result to number 2. She is still not satisfied and clicks on the result in number 3 and gets satisfied. Now RankBrain results will start appearing on top according to number 3 and results will be dropped below number 1.

The main idea of ​​RankBrain is to show more relevant results by simply interpreting the meaning of phrases instead of focusing on words. RankBrain’s algorithm is effective from handling complicated long-tail questions, knowing how they are connected to particular topics and display results accordingly. Google tries to be related to equality between questions. It works on the principle by related phrases which have never been dealt with before those phrases, which are familiar to them.

How to optimize RankBrain?

Expand the keyword list with related keywords

You no longer need to customize a keyword for a page. It is important to use variations of keywords and optimize keywords for latent meaning indexing or LSI with related terms.

Focus on building quality materials

Quality content is the key to success when it comes to RankBrain. Google tries to provide the best results for the search query. To get more user engagement, prepare content for users by answering all those questions they can ask.

Optimize for people and not for search engines

It is important for people to customize web pages. Focus on providing a better user experience. If people start to like your content as much as possible, then you automatically start higher rankings through Google algorithms.

Ignore Long Tail Keywords

Previously there were different search results for different long tail keyword queries. Now with Rank Brain, there were similar search results for long-tailed keywords. Thus, it is better to customize web pages with medium tail keywords.

Before RankBrain

After RankBrain

Optimize Meta Tags

To attract visitors and get maximum click-through rates, headline with powerful and emotional words. You can add brackets and brackets to make the title more attractive. You should use the list type numbering in the title. Optimize the details with powerful keywords It looks attractive because the user cannot stop clicking it. Use copy phrases from paid ads. Be sure to include goal keywords.

Reduce bounce rates and increase Dwell time

To get maximum engagement, place your content above the fold. It is suggested that small intro be used because people already know about this topic when they click. Publish long-form content. Use the video to increase the average time spent on the site. Optimize Landing Page with Best Practices

This is everything you should know about RankBrain to promote SEO efforts. Follow these tips and boost site rankings.