Top 6 Easy Local Link Building Tactics In 2019

Top 6 Easy Local Link Building Tactics In 2019

Even after trapping in numerous disputes, the link building is still one of the top ranking factors for Google. Even though most of us know the benefits of link building for a website, but there are only a few excellent SEO services out there, which are good at link building.

In this article, we see 6 Easy Local Link Building Tactics which can apply small business in 2019.

Local Link Building: Meaning

Link Building is the process of placing a link to your website on another website’s web page. For Google, good quality back links are like recommendations for your website. If your website has been able to get high quality and reliable back links, you will not only climb Google’s SERPs, but also attract an important part of website traffic.

Local link building is generally different from link building due to some factors. For starters, local link building comes under the purview of local SEO. In other words, the local link building helps you rank in Google’s search for a certain geographic area.

Local SEO and local link building work- (we’ll take an example of having your business Italian restaurant) There are two ways.

  • If people are searching for Restaurant ‘Italian restaurant Near Me’ – This helps Google to use a person’s GPS location and it helps in finding Italian restaurants within close range.
  • If people are searching at the ‘Italian Restaurant in Cincinnati’ with the word’. In this quest, Google will show individual Italian restaurants in the Cincinnati region.

6 Easy Local Link Building Strategies: List

Google My Business (GMB) –

If you are not using Google My Business then the local SEO and Local Link Building will be incomplete. For those who have not logged in for a very long time, GMB changed the big time. By maintaining, activating and posting your profile regularly, you can earn several websites clicks from GMB.

link building

Google values ​​GMB listings and is searched in a geographical area. Always remember, GMB is part of the Google Universe, and Google actively promotes those websites which maintain an active presence on Google’s own platforms.

Local Directory Listing-

Regardless of the industry, every business can keep its back link in the local directory. We are talking about community listing sites like Yellow Pages, Yelp, Dental Directories, and so on. It helps Google triangulate your back link and local directory location to show accurate search to people in the area.

Local directory listing is also an important component of local SEO. A good SEO service agency will always prioritize rankings for a specific geographic area, especially if you are a local / small brand.

Back to local institutional web pages

Websites such as schools, colleges, clubs and voluntary groups, such as local institutional web pages, can help you establish a strong local presence on the Internet. The local link building thrives through such backlink placement.

Such institutions have to sponsor local events in a strategic way of accepting their links on their site. You can sponsor a local college football team, or you can organize a Saturday Brunch for all volunteers and clubs.

Local Business Associations and Chamber of Commerce-

Every city has a local business association or chamber of commerce which connects the various businesses in the city or region. By placing a small subscription fee, you can create your business profile on such platforms.

This will not only help to build your credibility, it will also help you to climb the search rankings. The key is to check traffic of these types which see such platforms on a monthly basis. You can also use a domain authority checker such as Moz or Ahrefs and check their website’s metric scores.

Blogger Outreach and Guest Posting-

Even if it does not come in the traditional realm of the local link building, it is slowly emerging as one. With appropriate research and outreach, you can reach the publishers and bloggers in your geographic area (or traffic area).

The best agencies that offer blogger outreach services often give customers a list of traffic figures and publishers / bloggers with host countries. It helps the customers who have local businesses, use their platforms to promote their businesses. Blogger outreach and guest posting are directly impacting on footfalls and SEO scores.

Backlinks on Local Event Sites

This is something that most small brands are still unaware of. In almost every major city of the world there are event websites that document the events surrounding the city and its surroundings. If you are able to get a sponsored post on the platform and keep a piece of high quality content, you will see great results.

For example, timeout is a great example of a local phenomenon. The best thing about local event sites is that they actually move towards the actual level for your business.

By publishing an article such as ‘Best Italian Spaghetti in New York in Bizarre Bistro’, you will ensure that the real people go to your establishment and eat Italian spaghetti. You will also ensure that your SEO metrics improve.


Even though digital marketing offers a range of strategies to increase your reach and improve the score, it is rapidly becoming a highly competitive domain. If you are not innovative or brave, then you can stand a chance to drown in all chaos.

While some brands have huge cash reserves to burn on digital marketing, small brands need to be more thinking and innovative in their approach. There should be no fear in trying new things. However, it is best to stay away from any black hat strategies that can harm you.

In the final analysis, taking help of experts like a great digital marketing agency, you can help to navigate dirty digital water. The link building is not going anywhere, at least until Google considers it the ranking factor.

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