Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019


Marketers are no exception. If we look at digital marketing then it is not as it was back in 2015 or 16.

Each year comes with new challenges and gifts wrapped in its long cloth. Not long ago we saw the rise of Google+ as a major social media channel that could challenge Facebook’s hegemony.

And the status of denial in 2018 finally ended and Google gave an official statement about the end of Google+.

The reason was a big security breach. But it was probably proved that the last cursed straw and the game had already ended on the back of the camel.

In 2019, in anticipation of large and positive development in digital media. We write this detailed guide on the most important digital marketing trends, which have either come into the market already or will hit it in 2019.

Live greeting / business website chat will play a big role

One of the most important digital marketing trends, which will not only play a major role in the world of digital marketing, but will also change in a new form, a greeting or live chat on websites.

This is one of the most effective ways to talk to customers who come to your website and engage them in more interactive and realistic ways.


In 2019, interactive live chat will be taken entirely by Chatbots for business purposes and the way Chatbots will be able to communicate with potential customers for your business, it will definitely change the dynamics of digital marketing.

You can customize them the way you want, and then it will be entirely based on your customized tweak that will make your live greeting image of which brand.

Scalability will replace hogwash claim

This was a huge difference in the world of freelancing and digital skills (especially SEO and Internet marketing) and due to that gap, customers were unable to rely on new freelancers or digital marketing specialists or companies.

This difference was made by hogwash claims and zero reliability. ROI, scalability and truth were completely missing.

So you must have seen that those who bring facts from thin air, “Brad had earned $ 695,588 last year because of the funnel I made for his mother-in-law product.”

Fine, who is Brad? What is the proof of the authenticity of your claims? What did you do? Is there any proof that there is a real business that you benefited with your digital marketing?


It will no longer be. 2019 will be the year in which augmented reality and scalability will be words that you will hear most.

Digital marketers will no longer be making data from thin air, and as such, Gopro is proving to be worthy of its products and the existence of a whole community. Marketers must validate claims with such evidence, actual numbers, number proofs and accessories.

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AI and Machine Learning:

We all know that they are now relevant in SEO because Google relies heavily on these two technical innovations.


Now digital marketing is going to be affected by the whole AI. AI will help digital companies in 2019 to seg the traffic that is useful and only takes your products to that traffic.

The way Ai analyzes traffic options, behaviors and interests, it will help digital marketers find the most likely segments of visitors and then convert them into customers.

Facebook algorithm

Facebook algorithm

Already in 2018, Facebook’s algorithm appeared to be similar to Google’s algorithm.

Facebook is moving towards a more personal and positive experience for people. That’s why friends and family posts are not getting more exposure.

In 2019, Facebook’s algorithm will grow like Google. And updates will present many Facebook businesses and pages restricted to unhealthy or inappropriate benefits, which were previously due to Facebook’s control.

We know that many pages with millions + fans in 2018 were permanently deleted by Facebook only because these updates in the policy were reflected in an algorithm update.


As the past few years have proven to be extremely unprecedented in bringing more and more data-driven strategies into the realm of digital marketing. Personalization is only going to be at its peak in 2019.

Voice search is a matter of the past; We are seeing a time when the marketing group will use AI and machine learning to understand the needs and objectives of each person in the target group to make the most of the marketing campaign.

You will be allowed to see more personal content in 2019 and personalize marketing approach.

Specialized approach

Year of special approach to marketing

Not only should you define (whether you are a company or a person) as a digital marketing form and forum in which you are a master. But you also have to learn to select and target a particular media for your company’s special needs.


If your client is a women’s clothing brand, instead of wasting time on all social media channels and SEO (hope to find a magic wand), you will have to make your efforts towards one, big and best channel according to this matter.

In such a business case, Instagram marketing is much better than Facebook. So, special marketing is the future.

If you read this post to know how video marketing will play a better role or how mobile devices will change marketing, then sorry to disappoint you, but they are old topics. In 2020, the jump and the range from marketing will increase and we need to see actual big changes.

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