How to Prepare Engaging Content Using Instagram Stories?


Is your brand present on the Instagram? Are you actively using it for the benefit of your brand? If not, then it is time that you put your hand on it! The next major social media platform is becoming an Instagram brand to connect with the ultimate consumer. This is no other option, but has become a marketing requirement. Instagram provides the flexibility to easily find out what other brands and people are talking about. Social media platforms are constantly evolving with new features and updates. One of the biggest features that has thrown the world out of the storm is Instagram stories!

Instagram’s stories, a feature which was introduced in India in December last year, is accelerating and the brand is actively using it to run the campaign. It is a feature similar to the work of Snapchat’s stories. However, Instagram stories share our life in a moment. It’s almost like scrapbooking where you put together the material to tell a story in a creative way.

These days, most brands want to look hot-friendly, and this new feature allows the brand to bring that clear side to the fore. It provides the opportunity to share moments behind.


How It Works?

To begin your story, click the camera icon in the upper left corner of the main page. Once you tap the shutter button to snap a photo, or hold down your finger to record a video, then lift your finger to stop. You can also see hands-free mode for more convenience! You can also post pictures and videos taken in the last 24 hours. Swipe down to view recent images.

But there is a hard part to develop a story! You need to develop a thread that will keep people from beginning to end in your story. You can either collect anything in the day to tell a solid story or take your audience with you so that you can tell them where you are, what are you doing, what are you doing Where are you, when it is happening, why are you doing this?


Why Instagram stories are very important for your brand?

  • First of all, Instagram stories send followers to your actual Instagram feed, where your posts are always available. Therefore, you are more likely to be seen.
  • Second, stories that are entertaining and attractive, give your followers a quick and easy way to consume your content.
  • Finally, because the Instagram stories add to your Instagram posts, they improve your chances of showing up at the top of people’s news feeds.

Tools for creating stunning content on the stories

ZOOM: You can zoom within Instagram stories. To start recording, tap and hold a finger on the circle shutter button, and slide it up or down with the same finger to zoom.

BOOMERANG: You can create breathtaking mini-videos using boomerang that loop forward and backward. However, in Instagram stories, it is possible to record a boomerang video directly in the app!

Stickers, Text, and Drawings: After capturing a photo or video, it’s time to jazz! Swipe left or right to add filters. Add stickers like your location or time and temperature, or choose from hundreds of emoji. You can easily rotate objects and change their size. With the text tool, choose a color and font size, and add the title and title as you wish. This is more in drawing tools. To draw circles, arrows and other designs, have a marker, chisel-tip or neon brush or write freehand text on the screen.


MENTIONS: You can refer to up to 10 friends using “@” symbol, after which their Instagram handle is used, which provides a direct link to their profile. You must have seen some accounts while adding a hyperlink to their stories. Currently, this feature is only allowed for verified accounts, but it may be an update soon!

INSTAGRAM LIVE: Another fun feature of Instagram story is Instagram live. Followers can join this while you are live streaming. When you start recording, your followers get a notification that you are going live, and you can see who has seen the comment while live streaming and got the comment too, so it is one of the conversations with your network Good way One of the latest updates for this feature is that you can save your live video without worrying about it!

With emphasis on real-time sharing, Instagram concentrates on upgrading stories.

Tips to eliminate the game

  • Post regularly to stay in the feed. Focus on driving materials that will create brand awareness and make your followers happy. If you are already following users, the last thing is that you want to do them.
  • Posting too much content can also be wrong! Curbing your Instagram content between regular feeds and stories will help you get shares and mentions, where it is most essential without excessive publicity.
  • It is important to understand the psychology of your users. Users are probably moving through material at random speed, so it is best to refrain from eliminating your content strategy. Also, users are more likely to see your content when they know that it has been specifically done to them.
  • Use the new feature to post content behind the content of your business. You can highlight the work going to your video crew, your office or your product or service. Talk about things that people do not see every day. To create goals and to run some words of mouth marketing.
  • Remember what you have posted before, and think what you can post next. Offer different types of shots to avoid recurrence.

Instagram Stories is a great feature to enhance your presence on the social media platform. It can really increase brand awareness and drive more users to their brand for shopping. This is a fun way to connect to your network and adopt a new form of storytelling. So, start telling your story on Instagram today!

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