How Digital Marketers Can Take Advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Online marketing has changed a lot since its inception. Link building is no longer the ultimate way to promote a business. Search engines, along with social media channels, have become smarter, and many factors need to be considered when promoting your brand, product, or service.

Along with all the difficulties, digital media has also come with many other features, which if used well, can prove beneficial in the long run. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a boon that opens up a myriad of options for marketers.

Let’s learn how marketers can take advantage of AI.


Optimization is the key to a successful marketing strategy. As different brands have different goals, they like to customize marketing strategies according to their needs. And this is where AI comes to participate. There is no need to manually analyze millions of data pieces to understand the interests of your audience. The difficult process of targeting the audience with the right product can be simplified through artificial intelligence.

How can you personalize your digital marketing strategy with AI? You can create weekly or monthly quizzes or polls to provide your customers with the necessary data about their likes and dislikes. You can then take the help of machine learning algorithms that can differentiate customer patterns and understand their interests. With this process, you can easily identify your potential customers and offer them the products they need or like.


Artificial intelligence can do intensive human labor without any kind of human assistance. Different sectors today are using machine learning and deep learning to reduce the workload of humans.

The online marketing industry is taking full advantage of this. Popular tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, LSIGraph and SEO PowerSuite are built using AI. These tools are well-equipped to collect all the necessary information needed to promote a digital marketing campaign. No matter whether you need a competitive analysis or a full audit of your digital publicity, they can provide you with a complete guide towards success. There are even social media tools like Buffer and Hootsuite, which can help you automate your social media activity.


AI is a tool that can not only think creatively, but can also translate its ideas into a wide variety of human applications. Another great fact about AI is that it can learn freely as time passes. Therefore, if implemented properly, it can improve on its own and provide you with more creative output without any errors.

This can prove highly beneficial for digital marketers, as online marketing is about creatively applying all the technical factors. As an Internet marketing expert, you must provide appropriate information for both search engines and users. For example, if you are creating a website landing page, you need to take care of ranking factors, such as keywords, load speed, headers, footers and anchor text, as well as quality content that can retain users on your website. Is, can reduce buoyancy. Build rate, authenticity and improve conversion rate.

Therefore, if implemented properly, artificial intelligence can certainly become one of the key factors of success in the digital industry.


AI can interact with people and help them achieve solutions. Google Home, Siri and Alexa are ideal examples of AI-based virtual assistants. Businessmen can integrate 24/7 customer support systems with the help of AI and reduce staffing costs by ensuring that someone always helps their customers.


Digital marketing is about estimating the needs of your customers and promoting your content so that potential buyers may find it useful. Marketers track customer behavior, and based on their interactions with brands, they predict which types of products can be offered to them.

When it comes to prediction, AI has already demonstrated some promising results. It detects patterns of customer data and describes which products are more likely to be sold. It can also predict that demand for a particular type of product may decrease or increase.

There you are with some of the benefits of AI that can boost your digital marketing campaign. Therefore, start thinking how you can integrate AI into your digital marketing strategy and make your promotional activities more effective.